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Let's talk about... horses

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

An online store that makes you richer? -Yes! And this is why...

A warm welcome to you! Probably you already had a look around in our store! And then - a blog? In an online store? And how do you get richer?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

We are passionate about horses and equestrian sport. Our dream is not just to provide excellent service with quality products, but also that you find a page that you enjoy reading. We want to make you richer, richer in knowledge. Knowledge will give us the power to optimize the sport that we love, as well as our horses health and wellbeing.

What can you expect?

We are busy creating a blog where we will focus on horses health and latest information and reasearch around equestrian sport and products. On a daily base we are actively involved in the equine field. We want to discuss relevant questions and problems that we encounter in the stable/arena. And we want to involve you!

Be part of it!

We will post regular topics that we consider as interesting and relevant. Topics around the competition world, the medical world, the horse world in general.

Please be part of it and drop us a mail if there is something you really would like us to talk about! It is great to have you here!

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