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Equi-S'ICE Boots (Set of 4)

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You asked - we listened!

Welcome to our new project! The Dual Function leg wraps - or like we call them: The Equi-S’ICE Boots !

These dual function hot and cold wraps will be the absolute must have in your tack box.

The boots are made out of high quality neoprene with 2 pocket inserts that contains the special gel packs. The gel packs are made up to highest quality and safety standards (medical grade).

The inlay is very soft and non chuffing, the boot and gel pack is anatomically formed.

High quality velcros and elastics will provide longevity.

The boot comes in ONE size (Please note these are NOT working boots- use in standing only) and are adjustable due to multiple velcros.

How to use them:

Heat- take the gel packs out and insert for 30 Seconds into the Microwave

Cold- keep the gel packs for at least 2 h in the fridge/freezer.

You have the option to order a set of 2 or a complete set of 4.

Black Only.

Courier costs and packaging is included within South Africa.

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