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Barefoot Syringa Bridle 2 in 1

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Barefoot Syringa 2 in 1 Bitless Bridle


Barefoot Bridle Syringa 2-In-1, complete with reins, can be

used without a bit as a side-pull or as a bitless-bridle with crossed

reins. It is also a great bridle to use for ground work or lunging.

Use as a bitless-bridle:
The bitless bridle function of the Syringa Bridle

has an interesting design. More subtle than a halter, sidepull, or

jumping hackamore, and infinitely less forceful than a mechanical

hackamore, it works by placing pressure on the side of the horse's jaw

and on the horse's nose. A strong pull from the rider will also create

pressure behind the horse's ears and under the horse's chin. What makes

the bridle less forceful is that the pressure is from flat straps only -

not from metal bars or chains, and not from knots in the strap

material. The pressure is applied to areas of the horse's head that are

much less sensitive than the bars and tongue. From the rider's side of

the reins, the feeling is very much like riding with a well-adjusted

bridle and well-chosen bit; from the horse's side of the reins, the

pressure from a bitless bridle is lighter and more gentle than the same

amount of pressure used with any bit. The direction of the pressure is

interesting too - and this is what makes a bitless bridle unique and

effective for lateral control. When the rider applies pressure on the

left rein, for example, instead of a bit pulling against the left side

of the horse's mouth, the left rein acts on a strap that puts pressure

against the right side of the horse's cheek and jaw. This allows the

horse to bend and turn quickly and quietly in response to the rider's

use of the rein, without any of the head-tossing associated with

mechanical hackamores, and without the need for the rider to use a

strong leading rein, as is necessary with a sidepull, jumping hackamore,

or halter.

Use as a sidepull: If you want to use the Syringa Bridle as

a sidepull, simply attach the reins to the rings along the nose-band

and take off the leather bands which run to the throat-latch and are

attached with snap-hooks. This bridle has several adjustment points and

is made with a fine soft leather with soft rope.

Ordering Note(s): The Barefoot Syringa Bridle comes with matching reins in a leather-rope combination with snap-hooks.

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