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Barefoot Lead Rope Energy

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Lead Rope 'Energy'

Lead like a horse trainer!
Due to the special weaving technique used, the ropes convey energy allowing for clear and precises communication from your hands to the horse's head e.g. a light shake or stronger wave motion travels through the rope and signals the horse: 'Now I have to pay attention!'
Innovative feature: The lead rope 'Energy' can be used with or without a snap. The spliced loop end can either be fed through the halter or the snap (supplied) can be used to attach rope.
Advantage to use rope without snap: The lead rope is noticeably lighter and does not swing by itself due to the weight of the snap. Signals reaching the halter are more precise.
Advantage to use rope with snap: Much faster to attach or remove lead rope.
The Barefoot® Lead Rope 'Energy' is available in two length. The 270 cm length is ideal for tying or groundwork at close range and the 370 cm length is ideal for leading over longer distances or groundwork working from greater distances. The rope is easy to handle and can also temporarily be used as reins by simply knotting the leather end into the snap and therefore creating a rein loop.
Sold as set with strong tie snap! With leather popper!

Length: 370 cm

Rope Diameter: 18 mm

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